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To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. One game. We got one game of a fun, high scoring Inter Milan that managed to not drop points in innovative and creative fashion. And then Inter vs Bologna came along. Welcome back Pazza Inter. The match experienced a rather chippy opening ten minutes, with fouls left and right.

After that bumpy start, Inter settled into possession. But a firm Bologna backline proved hard to break down. Hard, but not impossible.

Young had a look at goal himself in the 28th minute. Bologna progressed as the half went on and held more of the ball, but looked disjointed in the final third. Then, out of nothing the Rossoblu had a great chance to level.

In the 34th minute Riccardo Orsolini found himself in a one on one with Handanovic, but the Slovenian kick saved the shot away. Inter went into halftime a goal to the good and was clearly the better side.

Inter suffered another scare in the 53rd minute. From outside the box, Musa Barrow sent a cracking effort off the post, leaving Handanovic helpless. A questionable foul decision went against Roberto Sorianoand the Italian proceeded to utter words worthy of a sending off.

Inter won a penalty in the 61st minute, when Mitchell Dijks tripped Candreva in the box. Lautaro stepped up to take the kick, but sent a weak effort down the middle. That miss would haunt Inter, as Musa Juwara equalized for Bologna in the 74th minute. A disastrous clearance from Gagliardini fell to Juwara at the top of the box, and the Gambian struck a strong first time shot into the back of the net. Three minutes later, Alessandro Bastoni earned a second yellow after taking down Juwara on the counter.

Bologna turned the game on its head in the 80th minute.

doom bologna

Barrow sent a low and hard shot to the far post, and gave Bologna an unlikely victory. That was very, very disappointing, to put it kindly. It seemed as though the team had turned a corner against Bresciabut instead the same problems as before resurfaced, but even more visible than before.

Inter is on the left, Bologna on the right. For starters, Bologna clearly ceded the midfield to Inter. The Rossoblu was active on the wings, though, and boasted an impressive group of young attackers. Orsolini looked sharp before he came off, while Juwara and Barrow need no introduction. The trio tallied 9 of 13 Bologna shots, and were the focal points for the visitors. Inter, however, has to be very disappointed to have conceded twice to a team that was in its own half as much as Bologna was.

If that had been the case, we would have a very different game to talk about. Scapegoating Lautaro would be unjust, however. There were many individual errors in the second half that allowed Bologna to come back. Roberto Gagliardinifor one, has proven that he is not starting level caliber at the club.

Doom Italia

Not exactly, though. Atalanta has now moved to within a point of Inter, and looks the favorites for 3rd at least.Filter search results. Sort by. Most relevant Best selling Latest uploads. Content type. All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio. Within results. Image orientation. Color composition. Number of people. More filters.

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Keywords separated by comma. Reset All Filters. Doom and gloom. Text 'doom and gloom' in uppercase white letters on two green highway style sign boards with arrows pointing in opposite directions, blue sky and. Mount Doom. Half Doom under stormy Sunset. Half Doom shined under the last ray of sunset while a summer storm approaching. Construction in Berlin near Humboldt box and berlin Doom.Doom Italia is a website for Italian Doom fans. Founded on July 11, at doomitalia.

Ina new version of the news board was installed, allowing users to interact by rating news articles and posting comments. Since then, the appearance of the site has changed several times.

On September 10, the site joined the SpazioGames network, one of the largest Italian video game networks. It later moved to the doomitalia. InDoom 3 was launched and Doom Italia reached the apex of its popularity, with hundreds of visitors per day and dozens of messages active on the forum. In September of the same year it became necessary for technical reasons to rewrite the web code, but due to the jobs of the webmasters, the work was never fully completed.

Despite this, news, articles and the forum continued to be active, although some of the links on the site did not function. Doom Italia continued to be the most important site for Italian Doomers until July 11,when the contract with the host expired and the webmaster did not renew it. Following the end of Doomitalia. The Doomitalia. The new Doom Italia went officially online on November 3, In the very first days of the project, during the summer ofthe first thing to be installed inside the site Doomitalia.

For three years it remained inside the domain, switching to GamesForum inwhile the site joined the SpazioGames network. The forum remained active after the end of Doomitalia. Furthermore, inan official IRC channel on ZDaemon, named doomitalia, was started, but it was used only for a brief period of time and is no longer available.

Since the launch of Doom 3 and Quake 4the main topics of news and forum discussions have been for years: maps, mods, patches and tools for the Doom and Quake games particularly Doom 3 and Quake 4, but also the previous chapters of both series ; graphical hardware; other id Tech 4 -based first person shooters e.

PreyEnemy Territory: Quake Warsthe Wolfenstein ; first person shooter tournaments specifically QuakeCon ; and interviews and polls. While none of the previous arguments has become outdated, the attention is now focused also to the new id Software brand Rageand to the next chapter in the Doom franchise, the long-awaited Doom 4.

However, these are not the only topics of discussion. Today the site receives around hits per day. Since its launch, Doom Italia has received overhits. This table displays the number of hits received by the site Doom Italia at certain moments of its history. Note the great rate of ascent recorded inyear of Doom 3's release. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Log in Create account. Page Discussion Edit this page History. From DoomWiki. Category : Websites. Improve DoomWiki.

Quasar made an edit on 8 July Terms of Use. Related changes. Permanent link. What links here.The doom they bring upon the world is serious, intense, and might just be the perfect balance between modern day soul-stirrers PallbearerSeerSpirit Adrift and the emotive geists of the past SolsticeWarningSolitude Aeturnus.

If a stupid name bothers you, what are you doing reading a website named Grizzly Butts? How did I miss this album? The assumption that only the best intentioned human beings end up in positions of religious power is demystified a thousand times and a truly rotten reality that sits next to the delusional idiocy of followers. The Fvneral Fvkk experience is one of many sides, all of them lead by a powerful epic doom metal sound.

doom bologna

Uh, and the music! So that should suggest how epic, heavy their sound is as a polished and well-experienced German doom metal band. Eye of Solitude and Shape of Despair come to mind with a focus on slow, dramatic piano lead melodies that develop inward as the bleak atmosphere of each piece intensifies. The artist has a gift of creating works that conjure a deep-set introversion, an internal darkness that is not desperate but still struggling, fully aware of the desolate landscape conjured.

I love how noisy and over the top the recording is, it gives Pombajira a raw and exciting presence that they only partially exploit with their fairly simple, stoically dark songwriting. If you liked that Taiwaz album this should be a nice extension of that mood. A good first impression. These are extended grooves, big atmospheric stoner pieces that are uncomplicated and often extend beyond the 10 minute mark. It does not express as a substantive release upon first impression due to unfocused song structures and extended pieces without any meaningful guiding melody, instead the value lies in the meditative effect conjured.

It is a damned heavy album, too. I think this will be either a major joy, or a major pain depending on the doom metal fan because this is experimental music, a ghostly avant-doom metal experience. When I entered the experience wanting rhythms and not feeling, I was irritated. When I entered the experience wanting to feel something, I was struck with a great pang of anxiety as the last song finished and found it entirely distorting. Things do not get less challenging from here, doom hounds!

The sound fits the ideology and theme where unknown dimensions, and a dark philosophy pertaining to the cosmos themselves is explored. From my perspective, anyhow, it was a very uncomfortable, anxietous trip. Not only has N. After two demos, which proved compilation worthy, this third was recorded in preparation for their impending debut full-length in the first quarter of I dabble therein.

Good company to be in and a fine niche experience for the lifer. This is easily the most intricate, focused, and possessed Clouds Taste Satanic have sounded since forming in and across six full-lengths since then.

doom bologna

The main event is the title track that kicks things off, delivering on the promise of a dark stoner trip in three distinguishable parts. The album itself kind of lives and dies by the thought that it is average in motion, and beyond expectations for age. The vocalist is excellent here with a spirited and far over-the-top performance that suits the song incredibly well.

Have you summoned any Ancient Ones lately?

doom bologna

Two funeral doom albums to end the list this year? If you can make your way through that track the rest will be a great spectacle of watery celestial ambiance.Founded inBologna were founding members of Serie A, and won many of their league championships during the late s. The club ceded any league dominance bywhere they won their last league title to date.

They won their two Coppa Italia titles in the s, before battling relegation throughout the latter part of the 20th century. Bologna changed ownership multiple times during the early s and s, due to financial mismanagement, and later stabilized under the guise of a Canadian consortium led by Joey Saputo. Bologna have participated in 73 Serie A seasons, which is the ninth-most in Italian football history.

The club have played in the Stadio Renato Dall'Ara sincewhich is the tenth largest stadium by capacity in Serie A. Bologna Football Club' s formation was orchestrated by Emilio Arnstein, an Austrian who became interested in football at university in Vienna and Prague.

He and his brother had previously founded another football club, Black Star, in Austria. The club was founded on 3 Octoberin the Northern Italian city of Bologna. Upon its formation, Carlo Sandoni was the club's sponsor and general manager, Swiss Louis Rauch became president, nobleman Guido Della Valle was the vice-president, Enrico Penaglia secretary, Sergio Lampronti cashierwhile Emilio Arnstein and Leone Vincenzi were appointed councilmen.

On 20 MarchBologna played their first ever game, against Virtuswho wore white shirts. Bologna outclassed their opponents, winning 9—1. Their formative season was spent in the regional league under Arrigo Gradi as captain, Bologna won their league gaining promotion to a league named Group Veneto-Emiliano. They spent four seasons in this league, never finishing lower than fifth. Bologna were entered into the Northern League before all football leagues were postponed for World War I.

After the first warBologna began to become more successful. First reaching the semi-finals of the Northern Italian competition in —20, they went one better the following season by reaching the Northern League finals, going out 2—1 to Pro Vercelli.

They would equal this again in —24, coming runner up to eventual national champions Genoa. Bologna became Northern and National League champions for the first time during —25, beating Genoa CFC after five hard-fought final matches to take the championship.

The finals against the Ligurian giants were marred by heavy crowd troubles. A few seasons later Bologna became champions of Italy for the second time in —29 giving them a foothold in Italian football, building up a legacy, this was the last time the league was competed in the old system, Serie A was instated the following year.

The Scudetto was won by Bologna four more times before World War II, these were achieved in; —36, —37—39 and — After World War IIthe club was less successful. Throughout the s and s, the club generally floated between fourth, fifth and sixth position in the league, until they took the league title back in — To date this remains their last Serie A championship, bringing the club's total to seven.Aboleth Sludgy riffs from dusty California.

Alastor Psychedelic Doom Metal band from Sweden. Alms Doom Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. Arcadian Child Guitar-orientated Psychedelia melded with ambience Astrodome Psychedelic Rock from Porto, Portugal.

Attalla Heavy music from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Automatism Electric guitars plugged into our necks and fed through delay pedals. Baby Grandmothers Psychedelic originators from Sweden. Ball Psychedelic Hardrock band from Sweden. Bathsheba Doom Metal band from Belgium. Black Salvation Psychedelic Rock band from Germany. Blackout Bummer party metal from Brooklyn. Boar Doom Rock band from Finland. Bongripper Doom Metal band from Chicago, Illinois.

DENIS-DOOM solo exclusively in Bologna/Italy october 27th 2012

Buried Feather Psychedelic Rock band from Australia. Butcher in the Fog Heavy music with big, mean riffs from London. Campo Magnetico Psychrock band from Belluno, Italy. Chains Hypnotic Dark Doom band from Slovenia. Child Heavy Blues with the tone and raw power of Hard Rock. Chronobot Cosmic Doom Metal band from Canada. Cloud Instrumental Stoner Metal band from Pennsylvania.

Deathbell Female fronted Doom band from Toulouse, France. Devil Worshipper Psyche weirdness from Portland, Oregon. Doctor Smoke Doom Metal band from Ohio. Dunbarrow Heavy 70s inspired Rock band from, Norway. Earth Drone Metal band from Seattle, Washington. Earthless Cosmic Jams from San Diego.

Elder Druid Occult-laced riff dealers from Northern Ireland.It premiered on September 21,on Nickelodeon. Zim vows to get his revenge after all the other Skoolchildren laughed at him.

During the next day of SkoolDib sits on a tack, which causes Zim to begin laughing hysterically. Dib believes Zim is just being pathetic but is oblivious that Zim really is planning something as that night in his lab the Irken looks with satisfaction at a monitor, mockingly telling Dib to "sleep well, for it will be the last peaceful sleep he will ever know.

The next day, Dib notices that not only does he taste good, but all of the neighborhood dogs seem to think so too. Dib assumes that Zim just got something on his skin to make him smell and taste like something that dogs love, but the rest of the class and even Ms.

Bitters thinks Dib smells awful. He gets sent to the bathroom to wash himself in the toilet, even though Willy was the last one to use it. In the bathroom, Dib runs some tests on a sample of his skin and the tack he sat on yesterday, and discovers that Zim actually introduced a foreign DNA sequence into his body, causing him to turn into bologna. Dib returns to class and theatened Zim to give him a cure, but Zim tells him there's no cure and begins to laugh evilly while their peers cover their noses in disgust and Dib runs away screaming.

Later, Zim is walking home from Skool and finds Dib surrounded by dogs. Dib admits that Zim's plan was pretty good, and holds his hand out in defeat. Zim reaches out to shake it when he believes Dib has finally conceded to his will, only to get pricked by the same tack that he had Dib sit on. Dib tells Zim that now he has to find a cure to save himself as well, but Zim declares that he will find a cure and keep it all to himself.

However, Zim starts transforming into bologna much quicker than Dib, to the point where his base thinks that Zim is an intruder. Having no other choice, Zim goes to Dib for help, and the two try to find a cure together. When they finally think they got it, Dib drinks it and only turns more into bologna, the process having been actually sped up, this makes Dib angry, and blames the whole thing on Zim, but Zim says it's Dib's "inferior equipment" that is at fault, and they start fighting.

However, the fight ends when Zim and Dib realize they are surrounded by dogs, and they find refuge inside an abandoned house, fully transformed into giant bologna sausages.

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Inter Milan 1-2 Bologna: 2nd Half Collapse Spells Doom for Title Hopes

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