Hoard of the dragon queen chapter 4

The team last time had just encountered some dragon cultists and a hoard of kobolds being chased more like pursued by the Goliath. Talos is still being pursued by the fighter and ranger but only see traces of his victims. Now in this part of the campaign, I have to say that they made quite a bit of progress.

They managed to met Linan, momentarily rescue her and her family, rescue more villagers along the way and still manages to lose their trust all in one session. The team then arrive at the gates of the keep after the panic of their plans but alas the gates were shut. To their luck and skill they managed to get Zel to provide them a map of another entrance and that is where they end the session.

These two adventures had lost sight of Talos once they turned off a smoky bend. Since both of them were Human and lacked a lot of common sense darkvision and were wondering around the town in the dark looking for an elf that had darkvision and was just killing all the enemies he could find. The reason the fighter and the ranger could even follow Talos in the first place was because Talos had been leaving a trail of bread crumbs so to speak. It was a trail of dead victims with an arrow shining bright light from the body of the corpse.

Not knowing this the fighter thought it was some kind of special arrow maybe magic of some power and decided to take his time with savaging the arrows from each corpse. The ranger on the other hand just wanted to catch up to the elf to ask him some questions as well as to use him as a shield.

The fighter unfortunately could not retrieve any shining arrows and only obtained regular arrows or snapped arrows. The ranger made it to where he had last saw the fighter but could not detect or find him. So he continued the search. Again another split party member…. But with another split I now had 4 different situations I needed to explain and describe. I let the ranger wonder for a bit until he spotted some enemies. I went back to the Goliath who had been waiting for his turn in the session.

He said yes and sniffed out some of the filth. His character literally used his sense of smell to hunt down groups of kobolds. Man that was hilarious. He managed to find 4 houses chalk full of them raiding and looting the place. A single roar of intimidation gathered most of them and had the rest laughing and sneering at the goliath.

With enough of them in his sight he started the slaughter.This article continues our look at running Hoard of the Dragon Queen. In this article we look at the second part of episode 4, a chapter called "On the Road". In the first part, our heroes traveled from the Dragon Hatchery back to Greenest, than Eltruel, and finally to Baldur's Gate. At this point, our band of adventurers has joined or started a caravan headed north from Baldur's Gate, up the Coast Way, past Dragonspear Castle, through Daggerford, and finally to the city of Waterdeep.

Like previous articles, this article is packed with spoilers so if you're planning to play this chapter or this adventure, please skip it. Typical storytelling would have us describe every connection from scene to scene in this adventure but sometimes it's fun to just take a big jump in the timeline. We don't even need to stick in a montage. For example, at the next session after the PCs have left Baldur's Gate, jump a ten-day ahead.

They've already had some adventures, friction, and clashes of personality. Who has proven annoying?

Who has proven helpful? What else has already happened along the way? Start each session in this chapter right in the action. Roll a perception check and, based on the result, the PCs already picked out the hobgoblin ambushers ahead or, on a failure, the ambush has already begun.

Skip the boring parts and go right into the action. This chapter is packed with NPCs. There's a list of twenty side characters in addition to the two main NPCs for this chapter. You certainly don't want to introduce them all but you can pick a few that you think will resonate with the PCs and the journey.

Keep a handy reference of these NPCs so you don't constantly have to refer back to the book to remember their names. Here's an example list:. While there is a good list of small events that take place in this episode, you might instead use this opportunity to run your own side quests. Does your group like to do a bit of dungeon exploring?

Maybe the hobgoblin raiders in "Stranded" are actually part of a bigger band of the "Gray Spear" hobgoblin tribe who currently resides in an abandoned mine once ruled by a cruel human warlord who enslaved goblins to dig for silver. This is a great way to add in some personal quests of the PCs. Build side-adventures that work off of their backgrounds and drives. Introduce some character-defining magic items. This part of the adventure is wide-open to put in your own stories, even if it means skipping the encounters listed in the adventure itself.

Good table props can add some fun to our game and for this game we can do so on the cheap to make some covered wagons to represent the caravan in which the PCs travel.

Prep for Episode 4 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen

All you need is a 3x5 card and some tape or a rubber band. Bow the 3x5 card into a U shape and then affix the tape or wrap it in the rubber band to keep it in that shape.

hoard of the dragon queen chapter 4

When you set it on the table, you have a loose representation of a covered wagon. At GenconSteve Winter, one of the authors of Hoard of the Dragon Queen described a scene that has since been removed from the final adventure. Steve describes the event in this Tome Show podcast. You can hear it at the 43 minute mark.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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hoard of the dragon queen chapter 4

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What makes the adventure so bad? I haven't a chance to read through it, but I've heard a lot of bad things about it.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Tabletop Simulator Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Tabletop Simulator.

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Hoard of the Dragon Queen Review - D\u0026D 5e Module

This item has been added to your Favorites. File Size. Created by. Searanger Online. Me, I'm Counting Offline. See all 74 collections some may be hidden. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. A very special thanks to stom for all his help coding this set piece as well as the help and support with getting around the quirkier parts of the unity engine Here is my fully 3D Raider camp with sound and wind effects for Dungeons and Dragons.

This includes ambient forest and wild life noises and also of course wind. This map has a fully working wind system. Trees grass and falling leaves will blow in the wind which dynamically changes over time. This should cover the raider camp which is a large part of chapter 2 of the hoard of the dragon queen adventure. This is fully compatible with One World and has been scaled appropriately.

Findanniin 25 May am.Also included are a few bonus maps for random encounters, for DMs who like to add a bit more flourish to a campaign! All full maps split into A4 printable sheets where needed.

The Dragon Hatchery has overlapping sheets for easier construction. Login My Library Wishlists.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen 4: On the Road Part 1

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hoard of the dragon queen chapter 4

Average Rating 2 ratings. A selection of maps designed for the fourthepisode of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign. More from this Title's Contributors. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.Part of the Tyranny of Dragons event, Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the first of a two-part adventure that together take a group of fresh PCs from first through fifteenth level Hoard of the Dragon Queen itself covers levels Hoard of the Dragon Queen sets the adventurers off to investigate the new activities of the Cult of the Dragon, which will later culminate in The Rise of Tiamat.

The Cult of the Dragon, having switched from its usual dracolich-centric tactics, is collecting treasure that will be used in a ritual to summon Tiamat into the Realms the titular Hoard of the Dragon Queen. Over the course of this campaign, the PCs will stumble onto this plot, track the cultists, and then assuming all goes well will act to deprive the cult of this particular batch of treasure and a significant ally. Although individual experience can be awarded, this campaign would seem to work best using the milestone system, with the PCs simply gaining a level at the end of each episode except the super-short episode 5.

The town of Greenrest is being attacked, and the PCs show up just in time to maybe do a little bit about it why the PCs show up can be generic, or there is a page of potential background hooks for why the PCs might be interested in Greenrest.

These missions include tasks such as defending a sally port, venturing forth to save a particular structure or group of people, or watching a dragon kills NPC guards. With the town outside of the keep essentially sacked, the enemy commander issues a challenge for single combat, which must be accepted or innocent prisoners will be executed.

If a PC accepts, they are virtually guaranteed to lose, as the enemy commander far outclasses a first-level character. I can only presume that this encounter was added to give a face to the enemy, and give the PCs a grudge that will encourage them to follow up, but this is not the way to do it.

They are also asked to search for a monk who disappeared after the battle. Although there is a little combat getting to the camp, this is an infiltration mission. The party has a list of informational tidbits they can pick up in the camp, and they may also choose to rescue the monk, who has most of the information anyway although he does not want to be rescued, because he wants to continue to gather information.

The monk wants the PCs to infiltrate the camp again but, ultimately, the point of these delays is that the raiders will have left, and when the PCs return to the camp they will find it gone.

This then opens up access to a cave which was there in episode 2, but kept out of reachwhich is being used as a dragon hatchery. In this generally unremarkable dungeon, the PCs will face guards of various sorts, a few lurking monsters, and a rematch with the champion from episode 1 presumably, with two more levels under their belt, and not forced to fight one-on-one, the result will be somewhat different this time.

Rather, twenty different NPCs traveling with the caravan are presented descriptions, not stat blocksalong with sixteen event to throw at the PCs over their day journey. Four of these are mandatory plot events, involving one of the NPCs a member of the Zhentarim provoking trouble between the PCs and the cultists. The other 12 are optional. Some of these involve combat, and others are purely roleplaying, and generally give the PCs a chance to establish a reputation and develop some relationships in the caravan.

They can make for great roleplaying fodder for a change of pace from dungeon-diving, but will require the GM to put a little extra effort into things. Episode 5: Construction Ahead — Little more than a transition point to Episode 6, this chapter consists of a single roadhouse that is the terminal point for this caravan. The characters will stay here, possibly for only a night, until they figure out where the cultists are sneaking their ill-gotten gains off to.

Episode 6: Castle Naerytar — A tunnel from under the roadhouse leads the character to a swamp. The cultists are living in the eponymous castle a couple of days into the swamp, with less-than-firm support from the local lizardfolk. The presence of multiple factions the cult, the lizardfolk, and a band of bullywugsand the multi-racial nature of the cult, will again allow the characters significant latitude to infiltrate the enemy if they so choose.

The lizardfolk are ill-treated, and can be negotiated with. Higher-ups in the cult will seek to flee, but some of the mid-level management whose powerbases are in this castle will fight fiercely to preserve their positions. Characters who are posing as cultists have a significant ability to wander around the castle, but many areas will be off-limits, and it seems unlikely although it is possible that they can accomplish what they need to without getting in any fights at all.

The characters must ultimately find a teleportation circle in the caverns beneath the castle, which can take them to …. Episode 7: Hunting Lodge — … where, conveniently, internal bickering means that the higher-ranking half-Dragon cult member who likely preceded the characters through the teleportation circle did not bother to warn anyone that bad news was on the way.

The PCs will, again, have the opportunity to pick fights or not, as many of the inhabitants of the hunting lodge are either passive until attacked kobold minions or can be fooled into thinking the PCs are members of the cult the massive four-armed troll. If the PCs are willing to deal, she will figuratively hand them the keys to the next stage of the adventure she hopes to regain her status after the PCs defeat the new bearer of the mask. The PCs can get even more exposition out of her if they defeat her and her bodyguards in a fight first.

The hunting lodge is also where the PCs will rescue some prisoners of the cult.


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